Student Opportunities

The Catt Center offers extracurricular programs to develop students’ leadership skills.

  • The Legacy of Heroines scholarship program provides scholarships and leadership development opportunities to outstanding undergraduates who seek involvement in and knowledge about the political process and public service.
  • Paid internships are available to undergraduate students to work on special projects, events or research sponsored by the Catt Center. The center also hires graduate student assistants from time to time, based on research needs.
  • Scholarships for the Leadership Studies Program’s Global Leadership Study Abroad are available through the center’s Stanley Global Leaders fund.

In addition, the Catt Center has developed these informational resources for students:

  • College students with questions about registering to vote, caucasing and voting in elections can visit the Voting FAQs for College Students page.
  • Middle school students looking for information about Carrie Chapman Catt can check the Carrie Chapman Catt FAQs, which was created from questions asked by students researching History Day projects on Catt.