Donors contribute to Catt Center’s programs, scholarships and activities

CATEGORIES: March 2019, Voices

The Carrie Chapman Catt Center for Women and Politics thanks the following donors for their friendship, support and contributions to its programs, scholarships and activities.

With their support, the center provided scholarships, internships and leadership development programs to students, including the Stanley Global Leaders scholarships and the Vermeer International Leadership Program; expanded the collections of the Archives of Women’s Political Communication; supported academic research through the Carrie Chapman Catt Prize for Research on Women and Politics; and gathered and analyzed data about Iowa women in elected and appointed political office. Gifts from 2018 also support the 2019 Ready to Run® Iowa workshops, for people interested in becoming more involved in politics and public service.

Donors also purchased bricks, pavers and a bench in the Plaza of Heroines to honor important women in their lives.

The donors listed below made gifts to the center between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31, 2018, or have provided endowment funds that generate annual support.

Archives of Women’s Political Communication

  • The late Mary Jo and Richard Stanley

Axel Leadership Development Fund

  • Joni and John Axel – Muscatine, Iowa
  • David Hoffman – Ames, Iowa

Carrie Chapman Catt Center Endowment

  • Judith Brandlin – Los Angeles, Calif.
  • Betty Emrich – Tipton, Iowa
  • Sharon Juon – Waterloo, Iowa
  • Lawrence Koehrsen – Ames, Iowa
  • Debra Marple – Sac City, Iowa
  • Carolyn Masci – Massapequa, N.Y.
  • Sue Mullins – Loveland, Colo.
  • Cheryl Peckenpaugh – Greenbelt, Md.
  • Phyllis Peters – Ames, Iowa
  • Amy Slagell – Ames, Iowa
  • Vaughn Speer – Ames, Iowa
  • The late Mary Jo and Richard Stanley

Legacy of Heroines Scholarships and Internships

  • Claire B. Andreasen Legacy of Heroines Scholarship: Dr. Claire Andreasen – Ames, Iowa
  • Katherine Bruntlett Annin Legacy of Heroines Scholarship: Katherine Annin estate – Sun City, Ariz.
  • Beth Bierbaum Legacy of Heroines Scholarship: Beth Bierbaum – Wellesley, Mass.
  • Maxine M. Burch Legacy of Heroines Scholarship: Maxine Burch estate – Newton, Kan.
  • Phyllis Davis Legacy of Heroines Scholarship: Endowed fund with multiple donors
  • Jane Greimann Legacy of Heroines Scholarship: The late Lowell Greimann
  • Haselhoff Family Legacy of Heroines Scholarship: Sharon Haselhoff – Larchwood, Iowa
  • Elizabeth Hoffman and Brian R. Binger Legacy of Heroines Fund: Elizabeth Hoffman and Brian R. Binger – Ames, Iowa
  • Helen Jensen Howe Scholarship for Women in Science: Helen Jensen Howe – Muscatine, Iowa
  • Joanne and Charles Kuster Legacy of Heroines Scholarship: Joanne and Chuck Kuster – Johnston, Iowa
  • Meylor Family Legacy of Heroines Scholarship: Sharon Haselhoff – Larchwood, Iowa
  • Political Science Alumni Legacy of Heroines Scholarship: Sharon Haselhoff – Larchwood, Iowa, and Maureen Roach Tobin and Terrence Tobin – Clive, Iowa
  • Rice-Neville Political Activism Fund: Dianne and Keith Bystrom – Plattsmouth, Neb.
  • Sharon and Alice Rodine Leadership and Advocacy Internship: Sharon and Richard Rodine – Dallas, Texas
  • James R. and Lauri K. Young Legacy of Heroines Scholarship: Lauri and James Young – Cedar Falls, Iowa

Mary Louise Smith Chair in Women and Politics

  • The late Mary Jo and Richard Stanley

Plaza of Heroines Fund (donors and honorees)

  • Nancy and Michael Almasi (Robins, Iowa) honored Brooke Almasi
  • Sara Bazyn (Burlington, Iowa) and Stacy Menard honored Molly Menard
  • Katherine Beeson (Ames, Iowa), Madeline Beeson and David Beeson (Colona, Ill.) honored Tamara Beeson
  • Todd Beukelman (Woodbury, Minn.) with a matching gift from Securian Financial honored Mindy Beukelman
  • Amanda Bieber (Anamosa, Iowa) honored Joanne M. Smith
  • National T.T.T. Society, Chapter Iowa BI members honored the organization
  • Brennan Buckley (Norwalk, Iowa) honored Sarah Buckley
  • Roger Bundridge (Maryville, Mo.) honored Stacy Ottman Bundridge
  • Helen, Michael, Richard and Robert Carlson (Lincoln, Neb.) honored Patricia M. Carlson
  • Josh, Nate and Tom Cinnamon (Naperville, Ill.) honored Shelly Lynn Cinnamon
  • Friends honored Jane Dannewitz Nettleton
  • Friends honored Theresa Braune
  • Taylor Dulaney (Colo, Iowa) honored Jennifer Dulaney
  • Jacob Formico (Bloomington, Minn.) honored Janet Formico
  • Audrey Gothard (Cedar Rapids, Iowa) honored Lisa Ruth Gothard
  • Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication honored Barbara Riedesel Iverson
  • Joyce Hagley (Ames, Iowa), Melea Licht (Roland, Iowa) and Ellen Shertzer honored Julie Larson
  • Julia Hall (Ames, Iowa) honored Lynn Marie Hogrefe Hall
  • Trevor Haynes (Savage, Minn.) honored Amber Haynes
  • Norma Hensley (Ames, Iowa) honored Marilyn Green and Mary Frahm
  • Fred, Clara and Abi Janzen (Ames, Iowa) honored Anne Bronikowski
  • Alan, Scott and Kristin Johnson (Ames, Iowa) honored Roberta Smith Johnson
  • Lisa Kirchhoff (Independence, Iowa) with matching gifts from Deere & Co. and United Fire Group honored L. VonLehmden and C. Culver
  • Sarah Klein (Henry, Ill.) honored Laura D. Klein
  • Alon Klekner (Ames, Iowa) honored Christina G. Hill-Klekner
  • Kelley Krava-Brown (Grimes, Iowa) honored Kelly Mensinger Krava Brown
  • League of Women Voters of Ames & Story County honored Mary Sand
  • Dustin McDonough (Ames, Iowa) honored Kimberly McDonough
  • Todd McGuire (Grimes, Iowa) honored Kelli Larsen McGuire
  • Alan McNeil (Dewitt, Iowa) honored Jean McNeil
  • Gerald Miller (Grand Rapids, Mich.) honored Cora E. Miller
  • Justin Miranda (Piscataway, New Jersey) honored Juliette A. Miranda
  • Joel, Niki, Daniel and Tom Naberhaus (Ames, Iowa) honored Sarvinder K. Naberhaus
  • Eva and Eli Newland (Cumming, Iowa) honored Patricia Bergman Newland
  • Tricia, Scott, Eva and Eli Newland (Cumming, Iowa) honored Connie Bergman
  • Billy Noesen (Ames, Iowa), Leann Noesen, Jeremy Noesen (Bartlett, Ill.), Karen Noesen (Bartlett, Ill.) and Pamela and Rudy Brestan (Hayward, Wisc.) honored Janet Schall
  • The Patton family (Oshkosh, Wisc.) honored Diane Botts Patton
  • Ava Petty (Conrad, Iowa) honored Sherry Petty
  • Mark, Kylie, Jacqueline and John Pfeifer (Morton, Ill.) honored Whitney Johnson Pfeifer
  • Tory, Elaine, Akayla and Hunter Phompheng (Ames, Iowa) honored Katherine Wipf
  • Somerle Rhiner (Ames, Iowa) and Rhonda Neveau (Des Moines, Iowa) honored Dixie Rhiner
  • Carolyn Riedel (Ames, Iowa) honored Faye Pauli Whitaker
  • Michelle and Gregory Shepherd (West Des Moines, Iowa) honored Chelsea Lynn Shepherd
  • Michael and Margaret Simonson (Cooper City, Fla.) honored Lillian Bamberger Simonson
  • Justin Weller (Ames, Iowa) honored Julie R. Weller
  • Brian Sullivan (La Grange, Ill.) honored Sarah Williams Sullivan
  • Hayley Willems (Ames, Iowa) and Logan Willems (Waukee, Iowa) honored Cherrie K. Willems
  • Vicki and Mark Woolley (Ames, Iowa) and Mike, Hannah, Jennifer and Sam Bister honored Margaret Woolley

Ready to Run® Iowa: Campaign Training for Women

  • Dianne and Keith Bystrom – Plattsmouth, Neb.
  • League of Women Voters of Ames and Story County
  • Former Lt. Gov. of Iowa Sally Pederson – Des Moines, Iowa
  • Amy Slagell – Ames, Iowa
  • The late Mary Jo and Richard Stanley

Stanley Global Leaders Scholarship Fund

  • The late Mary Jo and Richard Stanley

Student Internship and Scholarship General Fund

  • Michael Gens – Ames, Iowa
  • Amy Slagell – Ames, Iowa

Vermeer International Leadership Program Fund

  • Vermeer Corporation – Pella, Iowa