Gender Balance Publications and Fact Sheets

2014 Gender Balance Project Results Brief

Firsts for Iowa Women in Politics
Last updated 1/26/2023

Gender Balance Legislation at the State and Local Level
Wendy Jaquet, 2015. Updated in October 2018.

Going for Gender Balance in Iowa: Will it be Successful?
Rebecca J. Hannagan and Christopher W. Larimer

History of Gender Balance Brief
Last updated 4/4/2024

Make Way for Women: Gender Quotas in American Government Under Dominance Feminist Theory
Muriel Collins, 2021

Navigating the Path to Presence: Ideology, Politics, and the Campaign for Gender Balanced Boards and Commissions in Iowa
Ezra Temko, 2019

“Piecemeal” Advocacy, Radical Accomplishments: Adding Normatizing to the Advocacy Toolbox
Ezra Temko, 2022

Pipeline or Pipedream: Gender Balance Legislation’s Effect on Women’s Presence in State Government
Shannon McQueen, 2021

Political Information and Resources in Iowa
Last updated 1/23/2023

Recruiting Gender Balanced Boards and Commissions: A Guide for Cities and Counties

Sex Differences, Personality, and Ideology: A Deeper Investigation Via Contexts in a Study of Local Politics
Rebecca J. Hannagan, Christopher W. Larimer and Matthew V. Hibbing, 2016

States with Gender Balance Legislation
Last updated 4/4/2024

Who Serves? Gender, Personality and their Impact on Decision-Making Groups in Local Politics
Rebecca J. Hannagan, Christopher W. Larimer and Matthew V. Hibbing

Women and Civic Engagement in Kansas City
Barbara A. Kerr, Xanthippe Wedel, Tracy Schmidt and Cassi Donn, 2014

Women and Elective Office in Iowa
Karen M. Kedrowski, 2023

The Women’s Foundation Appointments Project®: Best Practices for Civic Boards and Commissions
Rachel Dicke, 2019

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