2022 Candidates for Federal and Statewide Office

Proportion of Candidates in Iowa General Elections by Sex, 2000-2022

Line graph showing the proportion of candidates in Iowa general elections by sex from 2000 to 2022.

Number of Candidates by Sex, 2000-2020

Bar graph showing the number of candidates by sex from 2000 to 2020.
Note: The number of offices up for election varies by year, affecting the number of candidates. U.S. House and Iowa House candidates are elected every two years. State senators are elected every four years, with half of the districts up each cycle. State executive offices are elected every four years. U.S. Senate offices are up every six years. The 2012 and 2022 elections also included more state legislative districts than normal because of redistricting after the U.S. census.

Fact Sheets (PDF)

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2022 Iowa Primary Election Results by Gender (7/05/2022)
2022 Iowa Primary Women Candidates Factsheet (6/11/2022)

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