ADVANCE Midwest Partnership presents workshop on promotion and tenure

CATEGORIES: September 2023, Voices

The ADVANCE Midwest Partnership – Joining Forces is offering a new workshop on promotion and tenure practices titled “Validity and Fairness in Promotion and Tenure: Where and When is Fairness in Jeopardy?” on Tuesday, Sept. 19 at noon CST.

Dr. Christiane Spitzmueller, vice provost for academic affairs and strategy at the University of California, Merced, and Dr. Juan Madera, Curtis L. Carlson Endowed Professor at the University of Houston, will offer insights into promotion and tenure practices using their research based on a dataset encompassing more than 10,000 external review letters from over 2,000 promotion cases across ten diverse universities.

Their presentation will present a comprehensive exploration into fairness and validity within the promotion and tenure process. Spitzmueller and Madera will unravel the significance of external review letters in shaping tenure and promotion decisions and delve into the intricacies of maintaining fairness and integrity throughout the assessment process.

The event aims to engage administrators, faculty members, department chairs and other stakeholders to discuss the potential to reshape how universities approach promotion and tenure evaluations. By examining real-world cases and uncovering trends, the speakers will address the multifaceted dimensions of evaluation, emphasizing the impact on individual scholars and the broader academic community.

For registration and additional information, please visit the ADVANCE Midwest Partnership’s official event page at