History of the Women Impacting ISU Calendar

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Each year since 2007, 12 women faculty, staff and students currently on the Iowa State campus have been recognized on the Women Impacting ISU calendar for their impact on Iowa State University through their actions, involvement and achievements.

The idea for the calendar began in October 2005 when Iowa State students attending the Big 12 Student Government Conference at the University of Kansas—including Angela Groh Fogt, that year’s Government of the Student Body president—saw calendars recognizing women on that campus and thought that something similar should be implemented at Iowa State.

Fogt was affiliated with the Catt Center through its freshman learning community and had been enrolled in the “Research on Women and Leadership” class taught by then-Catt Center director Dianne Bystrom. Fogt pitched the idea to the Catt Associates—a student-led group associated with the Catt Center—and they decided to spearhead the project under the leadership of Catt Center interns Jenna Jones Reynolds and Marisa Stadlman Roseberry.

The Catt Associates successfully applied for a Women’s Enrichment Fund mini-grant in 2006 and the first calendar was produced in 2007. Since then, the Catt Center has produced the calendar with annual funding now provided by the Office of the Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.