Women's Resources at Iowa State University

Archives of Women's Political Communication
The Archives of Women's Political Communication houses the discourse of hundreds of present and past women political leaders from throughout the world. The archives includes speeches of contemporary U.S. women senators and representatives, governors and lieutenant governors, and first ladies; international women leaders and prime ministers; and historically significant women leaders and activists.

Carrie Chapman Catt Collection at Parks Library
A list of the works by Carrie Chapman Catt at Parks Library at Iowa State University.

Department of Political Science
The Department of Politcial Science offers bachelor's and master's degrees in a variety of areas in the political science field.

Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication
The Greenlee School is the largest and most comprehensive accredited journalism and communication program in Iowa.

ISU Advance
The ISU ADVANCE Program looks to investigate the effectiveness of a multilevel collaborative effort to produce institutional transformation that results in the full participation of women faculty in science, technology, engineering and math fields in the university.

Margaret Sloss Women's Center
MSWC encourages understanding and cooperation among people of varied socioeconomic backgrounds, cultures, ethnic backgrounds, races, spiritual lives and sexual orientations. MSWC provides support and information through active advocacy, educational outreach, appropriate referral services and a safe space.

Plaza of Heroines
Located in front of Catt Hall, the Plaza of Heroines contains more than 3,600 bricks with the names of women who, as role models, made an impact on families, communities and society as mothers, teachers, wives, scientists, friends and activists.

Program for Women in Science and Engineering
The Program for Women in Science and Engineering will enrich science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields by engaging more women and creating the opportunity for a more competitive and diverse state, national and global workforce.

University Committee on Women
The University Committee on Women has the following goals for Iowa State University's campus community: Improving the status of women, ensuring that central administration is kept aware of women's issues, supporting various programs for women and representing women at all levels.

Women's Leadership Consortium
The Women's Leadership Consortium brings together leaders of women's programs and services on the Iowa State University campus. The Consortium, which meets monthly during the academic year, facilitates coordination of programs and initiatives, serves as a resource to administration, and encourages the advancement of women into leadership positions.

Women's and Gender Studies Program
Since 1977, the Women's and Gender Studies program has given students the opportunity to learn about women's issues from feminist and interdisciplinary perspectives.

The YWCA is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, dignity, and freedom for all.